Gaëtan Douéneau-Tabot


Deterministic regular functions of infinite words, with O. Carton, E. Filiot and S. Winter, in ICALP 2023.

Z-polyregular functions, with T. Colcombet and A. Lopez, in LICS 2023.

Pebble minimization: the last theorems, in FoSSaCS 2023.

Continuous rational functions are deterministic regular, with O. Carton, in MFCS 2022 (best student paper).

Hiding pebbles when the output alphabet is unary, in ICALP 2022 (best student paper).

Pebble transducers with unary output, in MFCS 2021.

Register transducers are marble transducers, with E. Filiot and P. Gastin, in MFCS 2020.

On the complexity of infinite advice strings, in ICALP 2018.

Chain-monadic second order logic over regular automatic trees and epistemic planning synthesis, with S. Pinchinat and F. Schwarzentruber, in AiML 2018.

(the links point to arXiv extended versions)


Olivier Carton, Thomas Colcombet, Emmanuel Filiot, Paul Gastin, Aliaume Lopez, Sophie Pinchinat, François Schwarzentruber, Sarah Winter.